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TWDHF LogoEach week, Travelers with Disabilities Having Fun (TWDHF), host Beatrice Leonard and her leader dog Obama will travel to several locations of interest to explore and interview people. The locations could be as local as a visit to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to interview a featured artist or as exotic as a cruise through the Caribbean with some close friends.

With her camera crew in hot pursuit, Beatrice travels to the latest event openings, plans family outings and embarks upon experiences that most might not realize are in their own back yards.

Some might believe that because Beatrice is visually impaired, her traveling experiences are not as exciting and hands on as someone else’s. While TWDHF is not a disability awareness show, we aim to show how everyone can alter travel activities for personal enjoyment.

We want you to look around, whether it’s in your backyard or across the country, and take the time to get out there and see what the world has to offer. If you don’t have the time right now, Beatrice will gladly be your ears, eyes, and legs until you are able to embark upon your own adventures.

dscn7428-copyBudget Travel: When You Want To, But Don’t Always Have the Cash To is a TWDHF blog written by Chicago freelance journalist Meg Hoppe. Hoppe began her writing career as undergraduate at Dominican University studying Journalism and English. During this time, she worked as a reporter covering stories in both the surrounding cities and schools. Upon graduation, Hoppe began making her mark in the blogging community acting as a contributing writer for various blogs and eventually starting several of her own.

With a passion for music, politics, and all things pop culture, Hoppe’s newest blog, Across the Sound, is a welcomed sardonic look at everything that we thought we ever wanted to know.

Meg Hoppe currently resides in Chicago, IL. She is working on her first novel while slugging out a 9-5 job to pay for working on her first novel. Follow her on Twitter @CallMeHoppe.


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